bellinis ragdolls

something special


               unsere traumhaften mädels

bellinis havanna

dob: 01-07-2017

chocolate-mitted carrying dilution

bloodgroup A non b

PKD neg

HCM to be done


bellinis helena ( leni)

of duty- wird demnächst kastriert

dob: 19-05-2014

blue-bicolor carrying chocolate

bloodgroup A non b

HCM/PKD/FeLV/FIV neg. tested

bellinis princessa

dob: 05-04-2016

seal-mitted carrying chocolate + dilution

bloodgroup A non b

HCM/PKD/FeLV/FIV tested neg.



bellinis montana


dob 19-mar-2018

HCM/PKD/FeLV/FIV tested neg.





bellinis blessed by love and joy



HCM/PKD/FeLV/FIV tested neg.

bellinis bliss of love

seal bicolor, chocolate+dilution

02 may 2018

HCM/PKD/FeLV/FIV tested neg.

                               bellinis youngStars 2019

bellinis stars n stripes


09 june 2019

bellinis catalina


22 may 2019

bellinis cayleigh

blue bicolor + chocolate

29 jun 2019